Day 2 | California | LA | Jet-lag day

After the longest day ever we had a big sleep and a big sleep in, suffice to say today was a pretty cruisey day.

Once we got ourselves up, loaded up with some Americano coffee we walked down to Muscle Beach to try and spy some beefcakes. But there were none as there was a movie being shot! Exciting…sort of!

We just need to watch out for a movie where most people appear to be wearing happy pants and a guy with a blonde plait drops from the sky and makes karate moves in the sky.


Movie being filmed

After the excitement was over AKA we got bored, we continued walking down Venice Beach and onto Santa Monica. We got in our exercise for the day (around 7.5km) to make up for the rest of the day where we continued our American food education with chilli cheese fries and philly cheese sandwich at Barney’s Beanery. Then our super healthy dinner of mac and cheese and pepperoni hot pockets!


Venice Beach


Santa Monica Pier


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