Day 5 | California | LA | Downtown

We caught the bus into Downtown LA today and basically just hung out!

Our first stop was the Grand Central Market – and what a buzz of activity that place is! First up we tried a pupusa de queso which was a recommendation from a local noticing that we were clearly tourists! It was tasty – like a tortilla filled with cheese and cooked up – you can’t really go wrong with melty cheese!

Next a beer and pretzel from Golden Road Brewery because…well…why not! Beer = tasty, pretzel = salty!


Enjoying a beer at Golden Road Brewery

We then wandered down to the Arts District. So much cool street art to be seen, it really was incredible.


Cool artwork


Weirdo or art? You pick!

And then we accidentally* stumbled across 2 Arts District Breweries – the aptly named ‘Arts District Brewing‘ and ‘Angel City Brewery‘. Both super cool breweries with such friendly staff and patrons alike. We struck up conversation with both sides, both of which provided us a list of other cool breweries to try in the area. Am now concerned our year long trip will now become a year long brewery research mission ;-).

* So not accidentally


Arts District Brewing


Cool art but also houses Angel City Brewery

Then came the long ride home…it takes about an hour from downtown *sigh*.

Alas waiting at the end was dinner which we got from a group of guys serving burritos and tacos pretty much out of their utes on the side of the road. Not knowing what or how to order, we basically did the ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ referencing to the girl in front of us in the line (though making sure it was the girl and not the guy in front of us’ order as he ordered a tongue burrito…eeewwwww….!!)

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