Day 9 | California | LA | Hey Mickey You’re So Fine

Disney Day!!!

Today was always going to be a crazy day so in preparation we fuelled up at iHOP! Our first breakfast out and it was intense!! The side ‘bonus’ dishes are about as big as our normal whole breakfast!


Breakfast with a side of banana croissanty thing cos that’s how you American!

Then off to Disneyland we went! The place was just as intense and crazy as you would expect. I was actually a lot more impressed about all the goings on than i thought I would be! Everything was done so well and it is a well oiled machine that even though the crowds of people were MASSIVE the way that they had it all organised meant that you didn’t need to wait in line for too long! Like IKEA, I thought Disneyland would be a divorce inducing activity – so my hat’s off to them and their organisation as I am happy to report our marriage is alive and well!


Disney Castle!

We arrived at the park at about 10.30am and ran around all day until about 8.30pm – CRAZINESS! There were rides and sights to see everywhere – a sensory overload! Whilst we didn’t see every single thing at the park, we were pretty happy to leave it there for the day!


Exhibit A of the rides

All in all, I felt that our visit to Disneyland was completed due to the fact that we saw the parade, and hence saw Minnie & Mickey 😉



The trip home was tiring (and apparently I’m not allowed to mention the fact that the Husbando accidentally made us get off the bus about 2kms before our stop *sigh*). But we were revived by a quick pizza and drink at the trusty Rock and Brew before heading back to the infamous Rainbow Inn.


On a side note, we noted this sign at the Rainbow’s pool today, so at least we know they have our wellbeing in mind!

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