Day 10 | California | LA | Roller Coasters A-Go-Go

After we peeled ourselves out of bed this morning after being so exhausted from yesterday, we headed out to Knotts Berry Farm so Anthony could get in his dose of roller coasters and he was not disappointed.


Hanging with some mates!

Lucky for us we went on a Tuesday and the place was dead so we walked straight up to all the rides! Our aim was to cross off all the roller coasters and ‘thrill’ rides. Well I got to a certain point and stopped – I blame it on the bloody boomerang ( Watching this youtube clip I can still feel my brain rattling around in my head. BACKWARDS – WHY THE HELL DOES IT NEED TO GO BACKWARDS?!?!?!

Anthony the crazy b***ard went on the Xcelerator ( Why would you? No seriously…WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU!!! And he even went in for a second crack! As if the first time wasn’t enough when he waved at me when he went past – WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU TAKE YOUR HAND OFF THE BAR?!?!?


Why would you??? (See second row for the crazy fella!)

Thanks to the short lines, we were able to run through the park in record time which gave us plenty of time to pick up our baggage and head back into LAX to our hotel in order to catch our flight to Alaska tomorrow.

(We are sending lots of thanks that the Motel 6 is one million times cleaner than old Rainbow!)


Finally where he belongs 😉

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