Day 13 | Alaska | Anchorage | Animal Crackers

Today was time for animals!

We hired a car today and headed out to Portage to visit the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Centre. It was so amazing! Was so excited to see all the Alaskan animals. This conservation park was pivotal in the reintroduction of the Wood Bison back into the wild as their numbers were down to about 300, but now are around 3,000.

The centre also had moose, bears, elk, caribou, and porcupines (who were named Snickers and KitKat!! he he he!).


Musk Oxen


Brown Bear – I just wanted to cuddle him!


Hey Mr Moose, you are pretty amazing!


Red fox


Baby bear


I love bears! (Just please don’t come to say hello when I’m out trekking!)


Black bear

After our drive, we moved into our new digs at the Base Camp Hostel  where we are hoping to get more of the traveller vibe which we didn’t experience at our previous hostel. Definitely a lot more social and we had a glass of wine or two and got to know our room mates.

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