Day 15 | Alaska | Talkeetna | Talladega Nights

Pulling ourselves out of bed after a 1am or so finish last night, we hopped on the road and headed up to Talkeetna as a stopping point on our way up to Fairbanks.

We are staying at the Talkeetna Roadhouse which was recommended to us by some people we met on the Winner Creek Gorge trail. It is not really a roadhouse, more a B&B come laundry room, come public shower facility come bakery.


Downtown Talkeetna Note: Husband is not as grumpy as he looks πŸ™‚

When we came back in after dinner we noticed a sign on the door stating that they are closed tomorrow due to it being their annual cleaning day. We were very disappointed as all the reviews for the place stated how amazing the breakfasts were 😦 . We think the girl on the front desk took pity on us when we asked her about it as she then later came and delivered some cinnamon buns to our room to have for breakfast in the morning!

Talkeetna is such a quaint little town. All the shops that line the main street are very picturesque. We did a little stroll through the town before stopping at…you guessed it…another brewery!! I cannot believe how many breweries there are in Alaska, even the tiniest of towns has them!! This one was the Denali Brewing Company. We stopped in at the Brewpub which is in the town. The main brewery is a little out of town.


Cute store fronts


Woot Woot Talkeetna


The cold setting in

Again some great beer, a burger, finished off with the most amazing peanut butter pie!!!


Happiness is a man with beer!

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