Day 18 | Alaska | Fairbanks | Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Breakfast today was served in the cabin of our host, Leah (she lives on her family property and there is a main house and then 7 little cabins on the property – obviously one we are in, and she lives in one of the others). She served us up some wholewheat and ginger pancakes with honey butter and rhubarb sauce….TASTY!!! (I am writing this all down so I can remember to make them when I get home).

After breakfast she took us for a little walk along the river as their property backs onto it. Such a pretty part of the world!


A wander through the woods

Then we headed back to Venue to load up on some more coffee as we are still pretty tired from the night time activities. More milling about, more chatting with one of the guys who works here about coffee, beer and life in general.

Lunch I fulfilled one of my wishes for the US – trying Taco Bell!!! Ha ha ha! It was just as good and bad as I thought it would be and I don’t feel the immediate need to go back anytime soon so can check that one off my list!

Then we commenced the long drive out to Chena Hot Springs. As the name suggests they are naturally occurring hot springs and funnily enough they are very hot. We could only stand to be in them for about 15 mins or so at a time before it got too much.



To fill in the wedge between dips we went and checked out the ice museum which was also at the springs and had the customary Appletini out of an ice martini glass. So many detailed and elaborate sculptures within the museum.


The ice bar


Lord and lady of the ice manor


Frozen sunflower



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