Day 20 | Alaska | Fairbanks | Ho Ho Ho

This morning some of us woke a little more bright eyed and bushy tailed than others!

Today’s destination…the North Pole!!!


The North Pole! Woot Woot!


Santa we promise we have been good!


Cuddles with Mr Moose!

The North Pole is a small little town about 15 minutes drive out of Fairbanks. There is Santa Claus’s House, which is basically just a big shop selling Christmas things. But outside on the same lot is the Antler Academy which had reindeer!!!


OMG isn’t he the cutest!!!

We were just standing around admiring these amazing animals and then their handler came out to feed them and let us and a group of others around to come and pat them!!! OMG WE PATTED REINDEER!!!! It was super cool and we got to touch the velvet on their antlers which was super soft. Such an unreal experience that we weren’t expecting to have – especially as the lady was telling us they were technically closed.


Cannot contain my excitement!


Playing it cool!

Back at the hotel we ventured down to the bar to watch the Grand Final and THEY CAN’T GET THE CHANNEL!!! *sigh* After telling us they could it turns out that they can’t! Very disappointing. We had invited the people we met last night to come on down to watch the game and they came and we had a stack of people ringing around trying to find out if there was somewhere that would play it but alas to no avail!

We ended up having dinner with the friendly Fairbanks folk (Kevin, Blake, Alice, Kyle and Zac) at The Banks Alehouse and had to resort to streaming it on the iPhone thanks to Shayne Berwick who kindly gave us his login to watch!


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