Day 29 | Washington | Seattle | What Actually Did We Do?

It was on of those days were we were out most of the day but yet cannot overly account for what we were doing!

Firstly, we went and hired a car at the airport. The tiniest, cheapest, little button of a car.

Secondly, we went and checked out a used van dealer in Auburn.

Thirdly, we pondered the perils of having no plan and the mountain of opportunities before us AKA we discussed the merits of vans vs cars vs camper vans, what we wanted to do and how much we were willing to spend and would there be decent resale value in the end if we can find a buyer!

Fourthly, what else do you do when you need to ponder…eat! We stopped in at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers & Brews for our daily fat intake by way of burgers and fries and ensured we did not need to eat dinner tonight.

As they say, today is history and tomorrow is a mystery…no really it is! We are awaiting word of whether we will drive down to Portland to check out a camper van. The guy had some interested parties check it out tonight and we need to wait until tomorrow to see if they are interested or if it is worth us taking the drive down.

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