Day 31 | Washington | Seattle | Six Underground

We spent the morning exploring Pioneer Square. First stop coffee @ Cherry Street Coffee – coffee & a bagel – delish!


Pretties in Occidental Park

Firstly we wandered around at all the sights, including the iron pergola, Tlingit Indian totem, waterfall garden park, Occidental park etc etc. The area around here is just so beautiful. So many old buildings and pretty streets.


Waterfall Garden Park


Fallen Firefighters Memorial


Tlingit Indian Totem (Original was stolen from a Tlingit village but then burnt so they asked the Tlingit people to remake it?!?!)

Then onto being a real tourist and we did the Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour. Definitely worth it! We learnt so much about the history of Seattle, and oh what a history it is! Briefly, the city was originally built on tide flats which caused a myriad of problems, then then Great Seattle Fire happened in 1889 which gave them an opportunity to rebuild. Their solution was that all rebuilt buildings had to be at least 2 stories, shop fronts initially operated out of the first floor whilst walls were built up and around them, with the goal being the first floors would become basements, and operation would continue on the second floor, now the first (confused yet?). Basically they achieved the feat of raising the whole of Seattle up a floor. Remnants of this remain where you get glimpses of the lower levels throughout the city and also see the glass tiles that were built as the sidewalks were closed in.


Looking up to the sidewalk from underground


Underground bandits

Moving on…we went and checked out the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. All I can say is…those crazy bastards! We watched a movie about the gold rush and what they went through to arrive after pretty much all the gold was gone was intense!


The Pioneer Building – one of the first after the Great Fire!


More pretties around Pioneer Square

Then onto the boring stuff…we spent the rest of the day searching for cars. Ending the day with dinner and a couple of drinks at Super Six, happy that we had decided on the car we wanted to buy, we just needed to head back to the dealer tomorrow, take it for a test drive and seal the deal!

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