Day 34 | Washington | Seattle | Tourist Day!

After so many rubbish days searching for cars, today we were PUMPED for some sightseeing action! It’s raining but we don’t care! We are going to see stuff &/or things!

First stop, the EMP museum (AKA Experience Music Project Museum). This place is very cool. Three floors of movie and music artefacts and experiences. So many interesting things to see and do here, I’m not quite sure how else to describe it except for as above and in photos attached.




Gizmo!!!! So cute!


Floor to ceiling guitars & other instruments


Nirvana – but of course!


Crazy Wearable Art


The detail here was pretty incredible!


Neigh Neigh!

Whilst the Space Needle was on our list for the day, we decided against going up it due to the crappy weather. We settled with checking it out from all angles instead.


Space Needle from the EMP Museum

Reading a list of things to do in Seattle, having lunch at the Green Leaf Vietnamese restaurant was one of the highlights, so we got ourselves some warming Asian soups to warm the cockles.

After filling our bellies we ventured along to the Olympic Sculpture Park. Thankfully the rain had subsided for now so we could enjoy a walk around the park taking in all the cool sculptures.


Loving the fall leaves!

Next up, the Jimi Hendrix statue in Capitol Hill and some ice cream at  Molly Moon’s. The ice cream was pretty tasty and definitely worth the visit. I had honey and lavender flavour (writing this down to remember when we get home as a flavour to try and replicate 😉 ).




One happy camper!

Taking the car for a spin we headed over to Alki Beach to see the amazing sight that is the Seattle skyline. Plus the added bonus of seeing the incredible full moon.


Beautiful Seattle! (The line in the sky is a plane flying overhead :-))


The incredible moon! (How amazing is Anthony’s camera – check out the crater detail!!)

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