Day 36 | Washington | Olympia | Flooded

We had grand plans for the day today! We headed out to attempt to walk the Upper Lenna Lake track.


Magical forest!

It was raining but we were suitably equipped with wet weather gear and determination. We made it in about an hours walk but unfortunately when we reached the first foot bridge it was flooded and there was absolutely no way we were going to be able to cross it without a teleporting machine, a hovercraft or lots of rope and for Anthony to have less of a woosey walking companion. Alas this meant we had to turn back at this point and walk back down.


One of many little waterfalls along our path


Magical mystical forest

The view on the walk that we were able to do was absolutely stunning though so we were not completely disappointed. Being able to experience the magical colours of autumn AKA fall is something else. Plus on this particular track there were a stack of trees covered in moss which just added to the magicalness of the place.


See that path – that’s where we needed to go. See that water – there was no way we were crossing that easily!


Eating leftovers for lunch before turning back instead

Heading back along the 101 highway, we spotted the Hardware Distillery in Hoodsport, and of course it just would have been rude not to stop in and say hello. So we chatted to the owner and she showed us around their small distillery and talked us through their processes. They certainly make a lot of different things out of a very small operation.

Continuing home we stopped in to get some items for dinner, went back to our farmhouse, cooked dinner, drank a glass of wine and called it a night.


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