Day 37 | Oregon | Portland | Oregon Bound

Today we meandered from Olympia down to Portland. Along the way we discovered:

  • Olympia Farmers Market – not open on weekdays – Google lies
  • Percival Landing Park – just a park
  • Tumwater Falls Park – actually pretty cool – made up for Percival Landing
  • Mima Mounds – Weird mounds – unsure if really was worth the effort
  • You can have a pretty decent sized urban farm in Portland pretty close to downtown

Tumwater Falls


Tumwater Falls


Mima Mounds


Pretty forests


New roommate

So our new AirBnB is the urban farm so we get to hang out with some goats, chickens, 3 cats and a dog.

After we arrived in Portland and checked into our AirBnB we wandered down to Division Street to see the happenings and have a couple of beers at the Imperial Taproom. We got chatting to some locals and have been enquiring about the Woodstock Mystery Hole which is apparently a tourist site yet not one person we have spoken to knows what it is. This search will continue tomorrow!

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