Day 38 | Oregon | Portland | City of Roses

Today was the day to investigate the City of Doughnuts Roses – more on this later.

First stop though was Pittock Mansion. A mansion (funny that!) owned by Henry and Georgiana Pittock circa 1914. He was at this point the owner of the Oreganian newspaper. Crazily the pair only actually lived in the house for about 5 years before they both passed away :-/


The Mansion


Beauty inside


Hello…is this thing on?

The mansion though had amazing views across the city.


Checking out the gardens


The view!!

Next we headed into downtown Portland to tick off some of the apparent big ticket Portland items such as eating from a food truck (yum yum gyro), perusing Powell’s Books (arguably the largest used book store in the world – Anthony of course added to his ever growing book collection ;-)) then…the donuts….


The bookstore!

In my investigations about Portland (aside from the Woodstock Mystery Hole) a recurring item was to have a doughnut from either Blue Star or Voodoo doughnuts. I was on a mission to find out what the go was and why the big debate!


Portland artwork – photographing the photographer 😉

Our first stop was Blue Star where we purchased a cinnamon for tonight’s planned “doughnut-off”, as well as a blueberry, bourbon and basil doughnut to eat now. A tasty doughnut but we must admit, still just a doughnut.

Next stop Voodoo, as per above, the cinnamon doughnut was purchased alongside a chocolate and peanut one. I preferred this one a little better but Anthony was still not convinced about the whole doughnut thing. A quick stop past Stumptown Coffee – apparently an institution for a coffee and then off home via the grocery store.

We chose Woodstock as the place to purchase groceries, but of course, because it meant whilst I went grocery shopping, I could send Anthony to check out Double Mountain Taproom and also to suss out the go with the whole Woodstock Mystery Hole thing.

Well…..turns out no-one quite knows what the hell this darn hole thing is!! Anthony did some amazing investigations, even dragging some poor contractor from a tanning salon out looking with him 😉

We have conceded that the mystery hole is a bust so off home for us. Tonight’s efforts was a lasagna. Of course, me being me, I did not succeed in reducing my lasagna recipe to that for just two people, so I invited our AirBnB hosts to join us which was lovely. They made some beans and parsnip to the side dishes and it really was a lovely night.

And then for the doughnut off. Very controversial because the overriding consensus when speaking to people is that Blue Star is far and away the best, well, see the results for yourself from our blind tasting!


The blind tasting selection


…and the winner is….Voodoo


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