Day 39 | Oregon | Portland | Chasing Waterfalls

Today we set out with the mission of tracking down a selection of waterfalls that were recommended to us.


What you see basically from the carpark!!

Our first stop – Multnomah Falls, which was mentioned to us as one of the most touristy waterfalls, but arriving at the site we can understand why! Multnomah is a two levelled waterfall that you can pretty much pull up next to. It is actually worthy of the hype that surrounds it.


Multnomah in all its glory

Further than actually just viewing the falls, we continued on the trail which consisted of 11 decent length switchbacks to arrive at the top of the falls. Unfortunately the top was not the best of views of the big falls as it was a small waterfall into a small pool before the water cascades off a sheer drop, so not a lot to be seen.


Anthony working his magic on the small falls at the top

Luckily for us I checked my phone at the top to see where the next falls on the list was as I knew it was close, however did not realise it was actually situated a little hike away from the top of the falls (very thankful to not have had to revisit those 11 upward switchbacks again!). Along the way we encountered Wiesendanger Falls and then the ‘recommendation’ of Ecola Falls.


Wiesendanger Falls


Along our trek


Ecola Falls

The landscape around these parts is really quite amazing. The never-ending encounter with stunning waterfalls, the trees which are all covered in moss and the fall colours make for some pretty awesome scenery!


This guy?!?!


Being loaded up with our fill of waterfalls for the time being, we made our way back to the car and headed up to Hood River for some lunch. Again another late one at 3pm, however on the upside it meant we hit happy hour time at the Full Sail Brewery so cheap burgers all around! We finished up lunch and our beers just in time to head along on their brewery tour which was pretty cool.

Then home time, for some lasagna leftovers and chill!


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