Day 40 | Washington | Bellingham | Drive, Drive, Drive, New Plates, Drive

As the title suggests, today was a big driving day.

We were a little sad to be leaving our AirBnB hosts Amy and Frank. Was really great being able to stay amongst some animals and feel like we were very welcome with them. Plus it was very exciting to talk all things cheese with Amy, as given they produce so much goat’s milk she is experimenting with cheese making. Whilst we talked of it, I never did get to make some cheese with her. We have all the time in the world and no time at all!

So, leave we did. Packing up the car to be Bellingham bound via Seattle to pick up the plates for our car along the way.

As we pushed through to get to Bellingham at a decent hour, we skipped lunch today, so pretty much as soon as we arrived to our smancy accommodation – the Econo Lodge, we headed out again, across the road to Mi Mexico for dinner where we loaded up with burritos and margaritas!!


Now that’s a burrito!!

The rest of the night was spent chilling out and playing girls, as I decided I needed a face mask and as there was heaps in the packet I made Anthony join in on the actions because this is what wives do isn’t it?


Face mask tightness making me look like I have fish lips & the husband super impressed with the activity!

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