Day 41 | Canada | Vancouver | Canadialand

Before leaving Bellingham, we checked out the sights. This pretty much consisted of driving down to the marina to see where we would have landed if we had been able to take the ferry from Alaska, eating a Mallard Icecream and visiting Whatcom Falls Park.

Whatcom Falls was really beautiful. One thing that isn’t lacking around here is water! I’m not sure if it’s just the time of year but these waterfalls are all absolutely gushing!!


Whatcom Falls


Because they looked cute


This guy was super cute and super friendly

After seeing the sights, destination Canada!! (Kevie, mark it down as another country for me, this is officially a new country to my list!)

Along the way have realised this is the first time I have ever crossed a country border by land! After getting the third degree from the Canadian border guy, we finally got let through! Forgetting it’s a whole new country we now have to ‘ThinKMetric‘ with speed in kilometres and we are back to no phone data connection!


Crossing the border! (As a side note, Mr Combi Van did not get through – interesting (or not so interesting) fact!)

Being that we are being very last minute with our accommodation booking, once reaching Vancouver we had to find something for ourselves to do as our AirBnb wouldn’t be ready until 6pm when it could all be cleaned after the last guest.


Vancouver streets

Oh what, oh what were we to do šŸ˜‰

Of course we headed out to Strange Fellows brewery to fill in the time no problem!

Grocery shopping next, then check in where we did exciting things like eat leftover lasagna for the 3rd time and do our laundry!!

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