Day 42 | Canada | Vancouver | Bad Coffee & Other Stories

Oh pain and sorrow! There is no coffee at our AirBnB!!

We ventured on the train into downtown Vancouver, first destination, coffee and it was TERRIBLE! I miss the days of ordering a coffee and knowing what I was getting and what to expect! Alas I must build a bridge and get over it.


The view of Granville from the bridge

Bridge building started with the quest to get onto Granville Island. We walked ourselves across the Granville Bridge, which for pedestrians somewhat overshoots the mark of Granville Island, but not to worry we needed the walk anyway and soon enough found our way.

We wandered around the Granville Farmers Market which is very touristy and overpriced. We treated ourselves to a mixed fruit basket which aside from the 2 raspberries and blackberries on top pretty much consisted of grapes and cherry tomatoes :-/

See what happens when I don’t get coffee first thing – I get grumpy! ha ha!


The Broom Co!! Ha ha!

Anyway, next we were going to try the Granville Brewery but this was PACKED so we decided to continue on our way and walk to 33 Acres Brewing, also very packed with a queue out the door. Next stop Main Street Brewing which hoorah we were able to get into and had ourselves a couple of drinks. Next we were going to try out the Brassneck Brewery but again it was packed and there was about a 30 minute wait to get in. Damn these people out and about enjoying their Saturday nights 😉 So, we ventured on to the Craft Beer Market, had a beer and then it was about home time.

2 thoughts on “Day 42 | Canada | Vancouver | Bad Coffee & Other Stories

  1. I had been recommended fih and chips at Granville… When we got there we had to many choices s did not partake.. Are the buchart gardens on you must see list ?


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