Day 43 | Canada | Vancouver | Grinding Away the Beer Belly

Super proud of ourselves today, we were up and out of bed before 9am!!

Destination Grouse Mountain, to embark upon the Grouse Grind which is basically a 2.9km stair climb up the face of the mountain. We definitely felt the effects of our American beer and food indulgences heading up the mountain, and our fitness levels are not at their peak (AKA not anywhere near them!). We managed to complete the climb in about 1 hour 20 minutes. Initially we thought the average was 1 hour, however just reading up I see that it is 1 hour 30 mins – so woohoo to us we got in under the average beer bellies and all!


Grinding away!


Encouragement near the top!


We made it!!


Up at the top, besides catching out breath, we wandered around and stumbled across the two resident grizzly bears: Coola & Grinder. Again we marvelled at the amazingness of these animals!


No comment…


Coola! One mighty boy!

Then it was time to head back down. The Grind is a one way track, so the only way down was via the SkyRide.

Our next destination was Lighthouse Park where we wandered down to check out the Lighthouse (obviously) then wandered a couple of the trails. Then onto Lynn Canyon where we crossed the suspension bridge and again wandered around the paths.


The lighthouse at lighthouse park

After this adventure it was getting towards the end of the day so we headed back home via the grocery store where we splashed out and had a steak and veggies for dinner!! I think we are getting to that point already where a normal homecooked meal is pretty exciting!!


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