Day 44 | Canada | Vancouver | No Whales For You!

Yesterday we booked ourselves to go on a open air boat cruise to see us some whales. Firstly they moved us to a covered boat and then first thing this morning (after we were showered, dressed and packed ready to go I might add!) we got an email saying that the tour was cancelled due to inclement weather 😦 so no whales for us!

We did ourselves some quick brainstorming and decided to jet over to Victoria on Vancouver Island. Unfortunately we just missed the 9am ferry over, so we had to hang out in the line reading books until the 11am ferry.


View of Vancouver from the ferry

We arrived on the island around 12.30ish, so unfortunately half the day had gone. We headed straight into Victoria from Swartz Bay where the ferry docked. First stop was Beacon Hill Park. Here we saw the tallest totem pole in the world and lucky for us while we were there a bald eagle decided to come and perch itself right on the top of this pole! Pretty ironic that our first sighting of a bald eagle was in Canada but it was pretty stunning none the less!


Mr Baldy

Continuing through Beacon Hill park there were some ponds with some pretty stunning mountain ducks and peacocks. Obviously these fellas get fed often as we had one peacock who came so close to us and just hung around. Was awesome for us to just be able to admire their magnificence (and don’t they know it!) and get some close up pictures!


The colour!!


Mr Pretty


Full shot!

After here we headed into town to do a quick lap of the old town. We headed into Chinatown which is apparently the oldest in Canada and then just admired the streets and the shops around the area, stopping on the way to try out a Beavertail, a donuty, pastry,  item which I had heard about somewhere along the line!


Fan Tan Alley


Making friends!

Unfortunately then our time in Victoria and Vancouver Island was over and we had to bolt ourselves back to the ferry with the hopes of making it onto the 5pm ferry.

Oh what fools were we!! Our ETA to the ferry terminal was around 4.30pm (or just past), on the way we saw a sign stating that the 5pm ferry had sold out and the 7pm one was 79% full!!! OMG!!! So back we were to sitting in the ferry line waiting for it to depart.


Waiting in style! That’s us watching a movie on our laptop with the sound plugged in to AM/FM transmitter for surround sound….LOL!

Eventually we got ourselves onto the ferry and back to Vancouver. Tonight we were staying at the GEC Granville Suites – all part of our plan to explore more of the downtown area given we were supposed to be out on our whaling adventure which departed from Granville Island *sigh*

By the time we got checked in and headed out to grab a bite to eat it was 10pm. I foolishly (or perhaps not – this point is still up for debate!) pulled us both into the closest Chinese Restaurant (Tsui Hang Village) we came across for possibly the worst Chinese we’ve ever eaten :-/

Walking up the street for a little bit after dinner, we realised we were probably staying in the seedy part of town. Our hotel was positively luxurious compared to what we have been used to, however the homeless and drunks around the place suggested otherwise.

However, I will have to report first celebrity sighting!!! EEEEKKKK… the months prior to leaving home had (via Virgin I think?!?!) gotten myself into the tv show iZombie and sighted Ravi (Rahul Kohil) and Blaine (David Anders) from the show. Whether or not it was weird to see them in what I have previously mentioned as a dodgy part of town is another matter altogether! HA!

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