Day 45 | Canada | Kamloops | Stranger Things

We got to experience a few strange things today which is always fun!! Namely:

  • A guy dressed as a pirate, complete with cardboard pirate ship & fishing rod with a cup on the end asking for money;
  • A man walking his cat in downtown Vancouver; and
  • A guy chasing us down because he wanted to know how Anthony had done his man-bun as he was going to be dressing as a viking for Halloween and didn’t know how to do it right, which continued with me doing said mans hair in the middle of the street in Kamloops and then continuing on to plait his beard to complete his costume! Fun times!

Before we left Vancouver today we headed out to breakfast at Cafe Medina which kept on coming up as the place to go and it certainly delivered!! The simple things in life…we got to have coffee for breakfast that was like what we would have at home, plus the breakfast was pretty darn good also.

A good breakfast in our bellies, we headed on our way destination Kamloops, about a 4 hour drive from Vancouver.

Not far after we arrived we went in search of the sunset to try and take some good photos. Unfortunately we didn’t quite get the photos we were after, but still is fun to go searching.


The not quite sunset πŸ™‚

Back in town we headed to the local brewery – Red Collar Brewing Company (yes I am aware this is starting to become somewhat of a beer tour through North America!!) had a quick pint and some chips and salsa before heading out in search of dinner.

On our way to dinner was when we ran into our bearded man-bun friend. We ended up at The Nobel Pig, which as it turns out is also a brewpub! I still cannot get over how many breweries there are in North America! It seems even the smallest of towns has at least one brewery!

Back to our hotel – The Plaza Hotel for a nightcap and then night night!

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