Day 46 | Canada | Jasper | Drive Baby Drive

A pretty uneventful day today driving the 4.5-5 hours from Kamloops to Jasper.

We started the day with a pretty good breakfast at the hotel (included within our room rate – winning!) and then headed upon our merry way.

The scenery definitely started the change the closer we got to Jasper National Park. It was just stunning!


Stopping on the way to take in Mt Robson

Arriving in town we lost an hour (although didn’t realise we had passed through a timezone change!), however made it to the visitors centre just in time to get some information on some of the walks in the area so we could plan our day for tomorrow.

Checking into our AirBnB, we got some great advice from the lady who owned the place, we even managed to borrow some bear spray for our hike tomorrow! (Yes – bear spray is a thing – like pepper spray but for bears!)

For dinner we headed into town. Again we were a little disappointed that, like Alaska, things really do tend to shut down between the summer and winter seasons, so a lot of places in town were closed. We managed to find The Villa Caruso Steak House open and had a bit of a fancy pants dinner and some wine (well, to be honest everything in Jasper was fancy pants and pricey – we were just happy that it was tasty!!).


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