Day 49 | Canada | Banff | Hotting It Up

A little tired and sore from yesterday, today we took it pretty easy and drove to check out Lake Louise.


Playing in the snow on the way up to Fairview Lookout

From the ground it looked pretty and you could see glimpses of the blue that the lake it renowned for, however we headed up to the Fairview lookout and the colour of the lake just popped! It was amazing the blue colour that you just couldn’t see from the ground. Pretty impressive!


Chateau Lake Louise


Friends at the lookout


Such amazing colour!

After admiring the lake we had ourselves a feed of the best poutine at one of the restaurants within the Chateau Lake Louise.


Best Poutine!!


A close up of the pulled pork poutine perfection

Next stop to ease our weary muscles was to the Upper Banff Hot Springs, stopping past the Banff Ave Brewing Co for a black pilsner pint, some chats with some locals on our way home and then back to the hostel from some leftover stew.

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