Day 51 | Canada | Calgary | Cook’s Tour of Calgary

We had a massive sleep in today, which we like to think was well deserved after all the walks and late nights we have had lately.

Luckily we woke up just in time to nab the free breakfast at the hostel – the big aspirations of the day!

After breakfast we headed out for Belinda’s Cook’s tour of Calgary. Our tour commenced with a coffee from Phil & Sebastian’s Coffee – HOORAH! a great coffee!

Next sight was the Wonderland sculpture. On our way we got a bonus statue sighting being the ‘Brotherhood of Mankind’ statue. Next we went to the Peace Bridge…can’t tell you anything about it as there was not a sign in sight to explain what it was or what it was built for :-/


Anthony has been watching too much ‘The Walking Dead’ at the Brotherhood of Mankind statue


The Wonderland Sculpture


Yeeha to the Peace Bridge

Followed on by a tasty burger at the Galaxie Diner, and that was it…tour of Calgary done!

We mosied on down back to our hostel before heading out to visit my old housemate Barbara & her family for dinner! It’s been 4 years since we have seen each other so was soooo…good to catch up with her and meet the husband and two children she now has since we last saw each other!!


With Barbara & new arrival Cody


Roomie, I missed you! Move back to Perth!

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