Day 52 | Montana | Whitefish | Back in the States

Roadtrip day!

This morning we left Calgary, destination Montana. Before we departed Calgary we had to stop into Phil & Sebastian’s for another coffee to get us on our way. We also stopped in at Canadian Tire to get the bare essentials; an esky, new windscreen wiper blades, anti-freeze wiper fluid, an ice windscreen scraper and a toy beaver that walks around singing ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’, you know, the essentials.


Anthony & I are proud to announce the arrival of Buck the Bucktoothed Beaver, a new baby brother for Milly. We are hoping Milly will be a good big sister and not beat him up!

On our journey down we stopped briefly at the town of Frank. Back in 1903 the town of Frank was devastated by a 82 million tonne rockslide that killed between 70 and 90 of the towns 600 residents, most of whom remain under the rock today. The incident is known as the Frank Slide. Driving through it is just incredible to see the massive boulders and rocks, which they have now built the road over, knowing that these had come tumbling down the mountain.


Spotted this guy along the way

The rest of our journey was pretty uneventful, even the border crossing, we received significantly less questioning than our way into Canada.

Our destination was a little town called Whitefish, it was a pretty quiet town (we were the only guests at the Duck Inn where we were staying! Given, it is a pretty small B&B), though we have been told it is a good ski town, once the snow hits.

We headed into town for a drink and some dinner at Latitude 48, and that was us done for the day!

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