Day 53 | Montana | Polson | Going to the Sun?

Our destination today was the little town of Polson, which sits on Flathead Lake, a lake I have seen pictures about but yet to confirm they were a true depiction!

Before heading town to Polson we drove out to the ‘Going-To-The-Sun’ Road, though there ain’t no sun to be seen really. The road cuts through the centre of Glacier National Park, though does close in the winter. At the moment, it is open a little less than half way. Unfortunately it would seem that the really impressive parts of the road are on the closed section. In any case, we drove as far as we could to Avalanche creek for a look.


These stones were everywhere at Avalanche creek, such pretty colours


The view of Avalanche creek – no sun here!

After we left the ‘Going-To-The-Sun’ Road, we stopped in at The Huckleberry Patch and got us some Huckleberry pie and dang! it was good!

Making good time when we reached Polson, we checked into our hotel the Red Lion and then headed downstairs for a soak in the spa for a bit. Then headed out to the Sportspage Bowl Grill & Lounge for some fried chicken and a burger and watched a bit of the World Series.

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