Day 58 | Utah | Salt Lake City | Driving, Antlers & a Red Iguana

Another long driving day today seen as we have decided to head to Salt Lake City, so we were up and going pretty early.

Our first stop this morning was to Cowboy Coffee to get ourselves some breakfast. OMG I am so glad we did, perhaps one of the best coffees we have had in a long time! Walking through town we passed through the Jackson Town Square which has four massive arches made entirely out of elk antlers. Elks lose their antlers each year and these were collected to make the arches. Apparently the local boy scouts now go and collect them and then sell them to raise money (fun fact!).


Arches of antlers


Awesome coffee

And we thought the Jackson arches were impressive, well not far out of Jackson is another little town called Afton, which boasts having the world’s largest elkhorn arch! So many antlers, these arches really are impressive to see!


That’s a lot of antler

We took the scenic route to Salt Lake City and passed through the Wasatch National Forest, stopping at Mirror Lake for lunch. Unfortunately there was a bit of wind around so there was no ‘mirror’ to the lake, however it was still beautiful nonetheless.


Non-mirrored Mirror Lake

We arrived into Salt Lake City and at our AirBnB around 5pm.  We decided to head out for dinner, and everywhere you search the Red Iguana is hands down the best place to eat in town!


So much food!

The Red Iguana serves ‘killer’ Mexican food at very reasonable prices and from all we had read there is almost always a line and a wait to get in. We were pretty tired after a long day on the road so decided to head down there pretty early to see if we can beat the crowd. Turns out at around 6.30pm on a Monday, whilst there was still a line, we didn’t have to wait long and were seated in about 15 minutes. We will admit the food was pretty good, can’t say it was the best I have ever had though and they mixed a pretty average Margarita!

2 thoughts on “Day 58 | Utah | Salt Lake City | Driving, Antlers & a Red Iguana

    • Correct Josh. All around Temple Square they do run free tours. We even got told by one lady handing out maps that there were some guides that would keep talking & talking so tell them we only had a little bit of time! Haha!


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