Day 59 | Utah | Salt Lake City | That Election

This morning we moved pretty slowly having a semi-rest day. Who would have thought holidays could be this tiring!

Once we did get moving our first stop was Bruges Waffles and Frites which kept coming up in searches of food we had to try! We thought we better do the right thing so we tried first some frites and then followed it up with a waffle. Both pretty tasty and worth the rave reviews!


The Waffle Monster – though according to our server he has been to therapy and now goes by Chris 😉

When there, we got chatting to some guys selling internet products. They were pretty intrigued about our trip and gave us a $20 voucher to come back and use at Bruges, even though their internet services would not be able to assist us back in Australia 😉

Next stop was Wasatch Brewery where we perched ourselves at the bar for a few drinks and settled in to watch the election goings on. Have to admit have been pretty surprised that the election has not infiltrated every single thing in the USA as I was expecting. This could perhaps have something to do with the fact that we haven’t really watched any tv, aside from binging on the Walking Dead off Netflix!?


Perched at the bar watching all the stats and state by state results as they came in

At about 8.30pm we gave up watching and headed home. Turning lights out at 11.30, there still wasn’t a result, though was leaning in Trumps favour – we went to sleep hoping by some miracle it wasn’t to be!!

NB: Obviously we awoke to the scary news of the result, I don’t want to pollute tomorrow’s entry with it, but had to share some of my favourite meme’s that have come through off various social media outlets 😉 oh and for any who are interested, surprisingly we haven’t experienced any fallout from the result, not sure if this is still to come or if it will be a fizzle from what was expected.



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