Day 61 | Nevada | Reno | Drive, Drive, Drive

The plan today was to get up super early and get on the road as we had a massive 800km+ trip ahead of us. However, we didn’t think it would be right to leave without checking out some of the Salt Lake City Mormon heritage so we headed downtown to Temple Square to have a quick look around the grounds.


Beautiful roses near Temple Square

Everything in the square is free and there are even guides walking all around the place to give you information which is pretty impressive.


Salt Lake Temple

We did a quick look around the place as we did still want to get on the road knowing the drive we had ahead of us. The buildings and architecture of the place is pretty incredible.


The Tabernacle where we were lucky enough to hear someone practising on the organ when we entered

That done, we were Reno bound! Around 7 hours later we arrived and checked into the Silver Legacy Resort & Casino and then grabbed ourselves a couple of cocktails at one of the bars and checked out a little of the Reno nightlife!


Buck checking out the never-ending road



Woohoo Reno

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