Day 62 | California | San Francisco | Change of Plans

When we left the hotel this morning, our plan was to go and find breakfast then drive to Lake Tahoe.

Firstly our breakfast destination Pegs Glorified Ham n Eggs had a massive queue which we couldn’t be bothered waiting in, so we ended up at Great Full Gardens which was sooo…tasty! Definitely worth missing our breakfast destination for!! Anthony sampled ‘Connie’s Famous Fruit Omelet’ which yep you read correctly was an egg omelet filled with fruit surprisingly it wasn’t actually too bad!

While at breakfast we discussed Lake Tahoe, how far is it, what side is best to drive down, is it just an overrated lake, should we stay there, should we drive there and then onto San Francisco the same day…yada, yada, yada! In the end we decided if we are going to make Charlotte at Christmas time plus stick to our loose plan of only staying in the USA until January sometime, we needed to start to be a little pickier about where we spend out time, thus deciding we would rather spend a few days where we want to go rather than jam more stuff in that we weren’t so sure about going to, so another day driving it was!

Aside from breakfast it was a pretty uneventful day as we stopped by the Safeway to buy items to cook dinner then checked into our AirBnB and then that was it, we were done for the day!

PS Yes today was another non-photo type day

PPS Love getting comments, so please feel free to keep them rolling in 😉

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