Day 63 | California | San Francisco | City of Art & Walking

Pumped to be in SF (have learnt from all the reading I’ve been doing that apparently calling it San Fran is a bit of a no-no!), we decided to start our exploration of SF by keeping it pretty local and checking out all the amazing murals and street art that the Mission District where we are staying is famous for, and my my it was pretty amazing!!


The Women’s Building


Close up of Women’s Building

We started our walk going past the Women’s Building which is painted all the way around, then checked out Clarion Alley which is an alley of wall to wall murals, then down to Balmy Alley which again is mural after mural after mural! It’s pretty amazing to see them all together.


Even the street grates were cool!


So much art…


Photographers dream!


More cool art…


…and more…


…and more…


…and more…


…I could go on but have to stop somewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

On our way to lunch we stopped past a couple of shops to purchase me some new jeans. I’m absolutely devastated to have to say goodbye to my favourite jeans but unfortunately they ripped in a not convenient placeย and thus it is time for an upgrade!

Lunch was at Pica Pica Arepa Kitchen, we had arepa which are like a corn pocket stuffed with all sorts of goodness! Lunch done, we headed to Louie’s Barbershop so Anthony could do some taming of the wild beast that has become his beard ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next stop was the Seward Mini Park which has a concrete slide down the hill. Basically you jump on a piece of cardboard and it transports you back to childhood! Ha ha! But seriously it was pretty fun, so we had to try it out a few times!


Stairs, stairs, stairs! So many stairs in SF!

Whilst we were half way up the hill we figured we may as well continue going to the top to check out the view of the city at Twin Peaks as the sun was going down. It was a pretty impressive view!


The amazing view from Twin Peaks

Deciding that we had done enough walking and climbing of stairs today (12km in total it worked out at) we headed back down and back to our house to have some cheese and crackers and leftovers for dinner!

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