Day 66 | California | San Francisco | All the Rest

Some time ago now, I started starring things in my Google maps. This was from various sources, Pinterest (main contributor), things we both knew we already wanted to see, TV shows we had both seen in the lead up to our trip and various people we had met along the way.

Today was the day that we ‘cleaned up’ the rest of the SF items ie we went to all the remaining stars that we hadn’t managed to get to in our walking adventure.

First stop, the biggie, the Golden Gate bridge.


That icon, that beauty!

Whilst we had managed to see the bridge from afar multiple times, we had yet to get up all close and personal like. With the fog that pulls through the channel, it really does make for a picturesque bridge. We spent a little bit of time walking on it and admiring it from various angles.


This guy….

Next we headed to ‘Lands End’, which had a very cool rock labyrinth. I don’t know the story about why or how it came to be, however it is a very cool random site to see.


Lands End Labyrinth

At Lands End we also managed to check out ‘The Thinker’ – not quite sure how this monument managed to slip through the cracks of the Google stars?!?!

…and then…

The tiled stairs. These beautiful tiled stairs which were created by people in the neighbourhood and have all their names embossed up the stairs.


Tiled goodness


Close up, you might be able to just make out some of the names

As our AirBnB was booked tonight, we had to find elsewhere. We ended up finding ourselves at the Geary Parkway Motel. I then went out to get my hair did, whilst Anthony went chasing down the sunset. Hair was not exactly as I thought we had discussed and I walked out of there with black hair…however, the hairdresser did have the cutest of dogs who I would love to have taken home with me!!


The cutest of dogs!


He smooshed himself into my legs like this!

Dinner, we met up again at Cha Cha Cha, a recommendation from a friend, then a nightcap at Richmond Republic Draught House, which was holding an open mic night 🙂


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