Day 68 | California | Midpines | I’m Looking for a Man Named Sam

I won’t lie, today was a bit of a flat one. I think basically I was a little exhausted. I know we are on holidays, but we really haven’t had as much ‘chill’ time as we set out thinking we would. We may have a year, but we are still trying to jam so much in.

Anyway…onto other things…

We headed into the infamous Yosemite today for a bit of a gander. The thing about all these parks we go to is that you really don’t know what to expect when you get there. Yosemite was no different. We headed straight to the heart of the park today and straight to the visitors centre to find out more. We ended up watching a short film about the park which was pretty interesting to find out the history and the reason behind its infamy, namely for being the first area of parkland being set aside for public use within the USA, being the precedent for Yellowstone being named as the first ‘official’ national park.


El Capitan during the day

Next we just wandered around for a bit, checking out Yosemite Falls, and various birds and deer spotted along the few short trails we wandered along.


Yosemite Falls


Eerie trees


Mule deer just hanging out


El Capitan as the sun was setting

Then back to our bug accommodation. When we got back home we stopped into the health spa at our accommodation for a rejuvenating  soaking bath, which was helpful to get a little zen in and feed the soul. Thankfully this, combined with a warmer night, made sleeping a little easier.


2 thoughts on “Day 68 | California | Midpines | I’m Looking for a Man Named Sam

  1. Loving these pics – so many awesome colours and light…..Loving you more though

    ps if you can read this it means I worked out how to send comments…


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