Day 69 | California | Tulare | Heading in the General Direction

Whilst yesterday was a little bit of a ride-off and we really didn’t experience Yosemite to the full extent, we decided to plug on and keep moving. We keep saying, while we may miss one thing ‘here’, it will just open up that we are able to experience something ‘there’.

Today we were headed south, destination Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Park way. We were staying at an AirBnB in Tulare which is a little closer to Sequoia, so we stopped past Kings Canyon on our way through. As seems to be the way with a lot of our trip, the road through to ‘actual’ Kings Canyon was actually close, however we were able to drive to some viewpoints and view the canyon from afar, and it was a pretty impressive view, so many mountains, and such beautiful skies to compliment it!

Kings Canyon National Park also gave us our first taste of the giants that are the sequoia trees (a part of the redwood family). King Canyon host to General Grant, the second largest sequoia in the world. These trees are a pretty amazing site and they really do take your breath away. We spent a bit of time wandering around the area where General Grant was, which actually allows you to get up close and personal with other sequoias and really see up close their beauty.


The beautiful sequoia


Giving perspective to the sequoia


So many tall trees


Pretty sequoia cones

It was then time to be on the move again to try and get to our AirBnB at a reasonable hour. Alas, the best laid plans…just as it was starting to get dark, when the auto lights should be turning on, I had this feeling that they weren’t on, some flashes from drivers by and we stopped and no, they weren’t on, nor were they working at all with all the jiggling and peering under bonnet.


What we could see of Kings Canyon


Another Mule deer, somewhat perplexed


Beautiful lights across the canyon

Oh what fun, getting to drive around an hour…in the dark…with no headlights. We did have fog lights which we were able to turn on, but it did not make for the most pleasant of journeys!! Eventually we did arrive safely to our AirBnB in plenty of time to play with the new puppies who live there and have some great chats to Diane, our host.

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