Day 70 | California | Tulare | Big Trees, Big Trees, Everywhere

Anthony figured out an easy fix for the lights! YAY! So a quick stop at an auto store and we were off and racing!


A stop on the way up the mountain

Today’s destination was Sequoia National Park. The road there was super windy up and around the mountains. We first stopped in at the visitors centre and museum to learn about all things sequoia, then headed on a trail up to Moro Rock.

The trail to Moro Rock was quite pretty and there were heaps of the beautiful sequoia around the place to admire. When we got to Moro Rock it was a relatively easy jaunt up steps to the top of the rock to check out the amazing view.


The view from Moro Rock – not sunset apparently it’s just how it looks most of the time


The view the other way from Moro Rock

Next up the largest tree in the world – General Sherman. We have learnt that ‘largest’ doesn’t mean widest or tallest, it is largest by volume, and he is a big one! We managed to catch the sun going down through the forest while we were there which was super pretty.

We are still trying to adjust to the sunset time over here. By 5.30pm it is pitch black, so crazy. After Sherman we headed home, taking the windy roads all the way back again. On the way we stopped into the supermarket to stock up on groceries and get items to make Indian as I was craving it. So hard to find all the spices over here, though did see they have ‘pumpkin pie spice’, plus almost half an aisle of tortillas!!!


Soooo many tortillas!!


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