Day 72 | Nevada | Beatty | Damn You Titus!

The day for us started with breakfast at Mel’s Diner. Typical American breakfast with way too much food and too many coffees, then into Death Valley.

We decided today we would check out all the Northern goings on of the park and then tomorrow can be the South.

Our first stop was Titus Canyon which has a one way road that you can drive down, however, we decided to park at Titus Canyon and walk a little further to Fall Canyon which we thought would be a bit more natural and undisturbed.


Beautiful Fall Canyon

It was a bit of a hike to get there but it was pretty magical. The lines through all the rock formations were stunning with lines of quartz and other colours running through it all. We had some fun climbing around the rocks and checking it all out. It was so echoey and quiet, just awesome!


Monkey boy

Heading back to our car, and we saw the site no one wants to come across…a flat tyre 😦 Multiple less than polite words were muttered as we hopped to and got the tyre changed. We decided it best not continue on our path north as a lot of the roads were unpaved, so we thought it best to head back into Beatty and get a new tyre.



On the way back we decided to stop past Mesquite Sand Dunes so we could at least see some other sites today. The sand dunes were this strange small little patch of dunes, the rest of the landscape is standard desert and shrubbery. We had a little bit of fun playing with the sand dunes and taking some cool photos.


Dimpled rippled sand dunes after last nights rain


The sand dunes and desert beyond



Then we couldn’t put off the inevitable and drove back into town to the local tyre shop and would you believe they didn’t have our tyre 😦 😦 😦 Β The guy at the shop however was super helpful and gave us the name of another tyre shop in Pahrump, about an hour away. As much as we hated to do it, we decided to suck it up and drive down and get the tyre sorted straight away.

We got back to Beatty in time for dinner and headed to KC’s Outpost to eat.

2 thoughts on “Day 72 | Nevada | Beatty | Damn You Titus!

  1. Glad we never got a blown tyre πŸ˜€

    Happy bday to Amac – Vegas for Bday??

    So many national parks ahead of you – curious which way you’re heading.

    Ciao for now. It’s time for my first Friday evening drink of the night.


    • Yeah blown tyre was a pain in the a**, plus just another expense we didn’t really need!
      Yep Vegas birthday! Will get there eventually though a few days behind at the moment! ha ha!
      We are headed Zion way today, then Grand Canyon πŸ˜‰
      Enjoy your weekend Josh


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