Day 73 | Nevada | Las Vegas | Death & Sin

Determined to make up for the relatively short day discovering yesterday, today we got up pretty early and on the road so we can make the most of the day.

Firstly we checked out Rhyolite which is another ghost town within Death Valley. This one was a lot larger than Ballarat, and at it’s height had between 8-10,000 residents. They say that a lot of people flooded here that had missed out on previous gold rushes, however it turned out to be a bit of a dud and they only ever pulled $2m worth of gold out from only 1 mine and by 1911 the town closed up shop.


An old 3 storey bank in Rhyolite

Around the Rhyolite area they also have this outdoor museum/art gallery which had some pretty cool pieces, especially sitting against the desert backdrop.


One of the cool sculptures


I loved this wall – Kevie I’m coming at your farm when we get home, I think I could find heaps of old rusted bits a pieces to replicate this 😉

On the eastern side of Death Valley they have the Artist Palette, which are these mountains which are full of these crazy green, purple and white colours ‘painted’ in bit sections. They were created by volcanic and thermal activity which caused some awesome oxidisation and other chemical reactions.


Artist’s Palette colours

Next, probably the most known, Badwater Basin. 282 feet below sea level, they say it was once a massive lake that dried up. Now, it’s just a large area of salt flats.


282 feet below sea level


Salt flats as far as the eye can see

We then went to check out the Natural bridge which was pretty cool. On the short walk up to it there were a heap of old waterfalls that had also dried up, but you could see the path the water had cut into the side of the mountains.


The Natural Bridge

Before we headed out, we needed to catch a sunset over Death Valley, so we ventured up to Dante’s View, and my my, it really was a view worth seeing.


Looking down over Death Valley salt flats


Gorgeous sunset

Then we rode off into the sunset…

Not really, we drove to our next destination Las Vegas. The one advantage of the sun setting so early was that we got to arrive into Vegas at a reasonable time. For our time here we are staying at the Mirage. OMG arrive into Vegas was such a stark contrast from Death Valley.

We had a few drinks at our hotel (The Still), grabbed some dinner at California Pizza, and then were just overwhelmed by all that is Vegas.

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