Day 74 | Nevada | Las Vegas | The Day of BJ

Last night whilst enjoying a stupidly expensive drink, we messaged our friend Belinda AKA BJ for all her Vegas tips, being that she has been here so many times. Thus today is named the day of BJ as we tick off all the big items she said we must do.

When we eventually rolled out of bed we headed out for brunch at Wicked Spoon (supposedly the #1 buffet in Vegas). When we arrived there was a massive queue to pay and then yet another massive queue to get seated so we were crossing our fingers that BJ knew what she was talking about…and my, my…what a cracker!


This place was super crazy, any food you could imagine they seemed to have, all the normal breakfast trimmings, an Asian section, bangers and mash, cuts of meat and sausage, breads, juices, pizza, pasta, deep fried chicken the list goes on!! To top all of this, there was then the dessert buffet with so many cakes, lollies and even scoops of about 10 different flavours of ice cream. We had also paid the extra to get bottomless mimosas, because why not, we are on holiday, and our server just kept them coming. It was intense, we had to roll ourselves out of here. (Still can’t believe this time yesterday we were hanging out in Death Valley!!)

After brunch it was onto Fat Tuesday for an alcoholic slushy. Apparently this is just something you just must do in Vegas. There were vendors selling them everywhere and people walking around with them. They were tasty, however soooo much sugar!


Fatty Fat Fats…nom nom nom

We were pretty exhausted given we have been on the go so much lately, so we headed back to our hotel to chill for a little bit before getting some warmer clothes on and heading out to check out the town.

We headed into Harrah’s casino and they happened to have some karaoke going on in one of the bars, so we had a few drinks and watched that, as they were some pretty amazing singers – not really what you expect out of a karaoke.

Then a burger for dinner from Wahlburger before heading back to our hotel, throwing some money into a pokie machine to say we had done it, waited to try and score some free drinks as we have been told about, alas to no avail, then called it a night.


Playing with the big bucks


Watching & waiting


A Las Vegas success story 😉

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