Day 75 | Nevada | Las Vegas | Brunchinner

We admit, while in Vegas we are being a little lazy. We thought it the perfect place to have som chill time. So when we finally decided to head out for breakfast it was more on the lunch side of brunch. We headed to Hash House a Go Go…another crazy place!


Bloody Mary with breakfast because…Vegas

Anthony ordered meal that was apparently on Man v Food and it was crazy big!! Mine, had not such claim to fame however, was still a ridiculous amount of food. We gave it our best shot, however only made it through about half. Thankfully we were able to take away the remainder, which we had for dinner, hence ‘brunchinner’.


Meal sizes because…Vegas

Starting to grab the hang of this Vegas thing, we grabbed some more Fat Tuesday slushies and just wandered up and down the strip. We went to Paris, Italy, New York, Venice…the list goes on 😉


Eiffel Tower because…Vegas


Caesar & Celine Dion because…Vegas


Statue of Liberty with a rollercoaster because…Vegas

It doesn’t sound much, but getting from one place to the next took longer than expected. These casinos are just incredibly large!


Our hotel with an erupting volcano because…Vegas


A talking tree & giant squirrel in the Bellagio because…Vegas

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