Day 78 | Utah | Kanab | Oh How the Weather Can Change

After yesterday’s amazing blue skies bringing out the vibrant reds of Zion, we were pretty pumped for today to get out and see it all up close…but…the weather had other plans!! The amazing blue skies from yesterday had turned into grey skies today 😦


How the weather changes – same rocks 1. Yesterday 4.30pm 2. Today 9.15am 3. Today 4pm


This guy wanted to be friends

However, onwards and upwards…literally! Today we were setting out to do the Angel’s Landing hike, which was a relatively ‘short’ hike at around 5 miles, however the last 1/2 mile is across a narrow ridge which to access you had to hold onto chains anchored into the mountain with some sheer drop offs on either side…eeeppp!!!


Chains go up


The view down


The drop off

Definitely a hike that would have been somewhat ‘easier’ in summer months given you wouldn’t have to negotiate icy/snowy conditions (thanks again to the overnight weather!) on top of an already challenging route. But the view was definitely worth it, and mother nature did us a favour and cleared while we were there so we got to take in the stunning view.


Yay! We made it!


Amazing view


More amazing view

Once we arrived it was pretty crazy on the way back looking across and seeing the ridge we had just hiked across. Just proves really if you take things one step at a time anything is possible!!


Looking back where we had come from is too hard to see but there are people climbing up and across this ridge


Steep decent

Pretty proud of myself to have done this hike, and I only had to scoot down on my bum once on the way back down, though will admit walking back down the switchbacks to the car my thighs were shaking like I had done a session of squats at the gym!!

After scoffing some lunch we then went on a drive to the end of the ‘scenic’ route of Zion. At the end here is the beginning of the famous ‘narrows’ walk which would have been pretty amazing to do (and we would have loved to do tomorrow) walking through the middle of a ‘narrow’ canyon, though this hike takes you through quite a distance walking up the river and with the weather turning so quickly overnight, chase of flash flooding can be pretty high so we decided to give it a miss.


This was the whole ridge we walked across


Beautiful scenery


Weeping rock


Bye Zion, you amazing beast!

We stopped into the weeping rock on the way back to check it out and then decided to drive ourselves back to Kanab. Tonight we headed to Desert Star Cafe for some steak & veg for dinner.

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