Day 81 | Utah | Monument Valley | What’s in your Pocket?

Given we had missed out on the Wave (as expected, let’s be honest!), we decided we would do either Antelope Canyon, or White Pocket. Knowing not a lot about either, and needing to do a tour to do either (one because it is on Navajo land, the other due to the dodgy road to get to it), we decided to ask around. The overwhelming consensus was that Antelope Canyon was super touristy and you are likely to be shuffled through like sheep, so White Pocket was the pick of the two.

When you try and read up about White Pocket it really doesn’t give a lot of information, other than a lot of people claiming it is better than the Wave. It had us intrigued. Anthony had found Paria Outpost & Outfitters to take us out. We were pretty happy as it seemed to be only a small business. Best decision we made!!

When we arrived we were greeted by Steve & Susan who own the business. Susan had packed us an awesome lunch and Steve was the one who took us on our tour. We had about a 45 min drive out to White Pocket. We then spent the rest of the day just wandering about the place.


So many interesting rock formations


Stripey rocks


Brain type rocks


More brains


Even more brains

White Pocket is strange to describe! It is just this whole bunch of strange and interesting rock formations. There are so many different rock forms from brain looking rocks, to striped wave type formations. We had a great time just exploring around and chatting to Steve. He was a very interesting guy and it made for a very relaxed day.


Swirly rocks


Weird stacked looking rocks


More strange formations


Swirls, swirls everywhere

Eventually it was time for us to leave. Whilst not ideal, we decided that we would make the drive up to Monument Valley in the dark. It would have been a beautiful drive up, but we thought we could settle for a surprise view in the morning.


What I have named the old man rock – can you see it?


Rock formations similar to the Wave


Ancient Indian carvings


Prickly Pear

Tonight we were staying at Goulding Lodge which is right next to Monument Valley. As we arrived quite late we headed straight into their restaurant for dinner. For dinner we both tried meals that included Navajo Frybread, basically a fried naan bread type item, to get into the Navajo spirit.

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