Day 83 | Utah | Moab | Living in the Mountains

Sitting down for breakfast this morning we got talking to a really friendly couple who lived a few hours away in Colorado. It was great to chat to them & they gave us a stack of recommendations of places to go to. One of the best parts of our travel is being able to change and adjust our plans on a whim so we can take into account recommendations we get from locals.

First destination of the day was Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde is the site for some well preserved ancient Puebloan dwellings which have been built into the side of cliffs. A little disappointingly, they close the tours down into the dwellings during the winter. We were a bit sad about this as were really looking forward to it, however we were surprised how well you were able to see all the dwellings from various view points around the park.


Ancient ruins

These dwellings were just incredible!! How they managed to get up and down out of the dwellings would have been quite laborious, let alone how they managed to build them into the cliffs.


Is hard to show the scale of how high up these places were

After checking out as much as we could, we grabbed a quick bite to eat in our car and then on the road again!

Our destination for tonight was Moab, and tonight we stayed in an Airbnb having the need for a home cooked meal. After checking in we headed out to the supermarket to grab things for dinner. Again in our quest for the bare essentials, we ended up bringing home a new addition to the family – Sandy the Santa. Buck is currently working through some jealousy issues.

Back ‘home’ we made some Moroccan soup for dinner…tasty!

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