Day 167 | Turks & Caicos | Grand Turk | Just Chillin’

So, as soon as we had arrived in yesterday, Anthony said ‘I think I really like this place, we should stay longer!’ Well didn’t that throw a spanner in the works! As for once we have actually booked the next week or so in advance it meant we had to undo and re-book everything. Our accommodation was all relatively easy, however the flights not so much. We were trying to call the airline over pretty average wifi which was cutting in and out and they were not making it easy. In the end we decided to just walk to approx 2km down to the airport to get it all sorted. After a bit of time we got it all sorted which was a big relief.

Back at our accommodation it was time for a quick bite to eat and getting a nice drunken phone call from Kel & Patto where Anthony got told he looked like a tennis ball and Agro! LOL!!!!! Then the beach was calling!


Beaching – a little rough for swimming today though


Hanging out at the beach




More beach


My achievement for the day!

Getting our fill of sun and sand, we washed up and headed into town to grab a bite to eat at Sandbar, as we were told they were the best cheeseburgers on the island, and tried the local beer.


Local beers – not as good as Kalik though!

On our walk to the bar these 2 dogs came out of nowhere and decided to join us on our walk. They walked with us the whole way to Sandbar and then just mingled with the rest of the patrons. When we left here and walked across the road to The Salt Raker Inn for a couple more drinks as we were told they have a band every Friday night. The dogs followed. We got talking to a few people at the bar before deciding to call it a night. Sure enough once we left, our little buddies followed. We could not stop laughing. No idea why they chose to follow us, we had never seen them before, we had never fed them. Apparently we just looked like great company. Arriving back at our AirBnB though didn’t they cause a ruckus!!! All sorts of dogs in the neighbourhood, plus the ones where we were staying all let loose barking and howling at them. Too funny!


Walking home with our new mates


Trying to get a selfie with us all


Hey miss, your beer looks tasty can I have a lick


One thought on “Day 167 | Turks & Caicos | Grand Turk | Just Chillin’

  1. Lol. Yes drunken phone call indeed. Always great chatting. You’re missed so much. Hurry up and get over the world and come home lol


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