Day 168 | Turks & Caicos | Grand Turk | A Whale of a Time

Our whale tour this afternoon is at 2pm, so to amuse ourselves this morning we have decided to head downtown to the Turks & Caicos National Museum.


Beautiful walk down to the museum

Within the museum, it has some of the remains of what is believed to be a ship wreck from the 1500s – perhaps even the Pinta – Christopher Columbus’ ship. For a small museum it was certainly jam packed full of information. We had lots of entertainment from the fact that when the design for the original flag was sent off to England, the people making the flag had no idea where Turks and Caicos was so, the salt piles to be depicted on the flag, being that the area is very salt rich, had a door added to represent igloos. Unbelievably this flag design remained for 99 years.


The flag complete with igloo 😉


Old remains – anchor and weaponry


More remains

Post museum it was time to race back to eat some lunch before getting ready for our whale watching tour.


The cruise ships are in!!! These crazy vehicles are hired out to cruise ship passengers to get around the island.

We left for our whale watching at around 2pm to head out towards Salt Cay where the whales migrate in Feb/March each year. We had to cruise around for quite some time before a whale was spotted on the horizon, crazy crazy, as we were all eyes fixed forward this massive humpback popped out of the water about 20 meters away from the boat and made an awesome sound as it pushed water out of its blow hole. We followed this guy around for a little while as he popped his head out every now and then and of course did that amazing tail dive down.

We were actually able to jump in to see him three times. Unfortunately two of the three times I never saw him but on the last one – woot woot! I did! All I could really see though was his tail racing off into the distance.

On reflection, even though the idea of jumping in the water with a humpback whale was amazing, I wish that I had stayed in the boat and just enjoyed the beauty that is these magnificent creatures. I got no photos as we were constantly preparing to jump in the water, so I kinda felt like I didn’t get to appreciate the experience as much as I would have liked. That said, it was still an amazing experience to see these incredible animals.

Back on land, we decided to have a night in tonight so did a quick supermarket trip for supplies and had the old backpacker save some money staple of instant noodles and vegetables! 😉

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