Day 171 | Turks & Caicos | Providenciales | Second Best Beach in the World

I cannot believe that the time has come for us to leave Grand Turk! We have loved this little island. It has been a perfect mixture of size, facilities, beaches and activities to do.

Packing everything up once again (yes! It is getting tiresome and there are places where I refuse to even search down into my pack for clothes so will only wear those at the top! LOL!), we loaded up and because we are a touch crazy decided to walk to the airport and if a taxi happened to stop us on our walk, we would not say no!

Once again proving how many nice people there are in this world, this group of people who we had seen at the bar a few nights back, but had not spoken to stopped on the side of the road to offer us a lift. Initially I said no to the lift as they were driving in the opposite direction, however they then informed us that they had turned around specifically to give us a lift – awesome!

At the airport about ready to go through security, Faith appeared at the airport as she couldn’t let us leave without saying goodbye and wanted to wish us well. Heart exploding, so much kindness shown to us in just one day.

As with our trip over, we once again hopping into a teeny tiny plane to make our short journey to Provo (that’s how those in the know refer to Providenciales 😉 ). The view from the plane is just incredible. It is an awesome part of the world.


Grand Turk from the air – check out all the tiny little snorkelers discovering ‘the wall’

Once in Provo, we quickly collected our baggage (quickly as there were only like 15 people on the plane!) and collected our hire car which we have named Nibblet given it is possibly the tiniest car we had ever been in. Then drove up to our AirBnB to drop off all our gear and chow down on lunch AKA leftovers from last night.

Then out the door again, we wanted to do a little drive around. Specifically we just had to check out Grace Bay Beach which has just been named the second best beach in the world. This was another instance where we were somewhat underwhelmed. Yes it is a beautiful beach but there were just people and resorts all up and down the waterfront that it kinda drew away from its beauty! I can’t believe I didn’t even get out my camera to take a photo of it!!!

Then off to do exciting things like buy some groceries.

Back at the house, we decided to head out for an early dinner to Turks Kebab and had the yummiest falafel pita and Greek salad!! Early dinner meant we could come home for dessert – chocolate – it has been so long since we have had any and we could watch a movie – The Accountant (good movie! check it out!).


We meet again my long lost friend! (And yes I took a photo of chocolate but not the second best beach in the world!! WHOOPS!! LOL!)


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