Day 180 | Dominican Republic | Cabarete | Cram them in

As mentioned yesterday, today was our bus ride up to Cabarete, well to Sosua to be specific. At the end of the night last night, we got talking to a couple of Danish girls who were also headed Cabarete way, so we organised to all jump in a cab together to the bus station.

Our bus ride was rather uneventful, as you would want, abet a tad on the freezing side. Once we arrived in Sosua, we knew we had to hop on a Gwa-Gwa, aka public transport to go the rest of the way to Cabarete. The 4 of us were standing on the side of the road looking out as we had no idea what we were looking for, but soon enough one came along and stopped for us. One thing is for sure, the Gwa-Gwa’s love to cram people in. The 4 of us all had large backpacks and we were squished into a mini-van with I think around 12 other people, thankfully the drive to Cabarete wasn’t too long.


All crammed in

Once in Cabarete and we had unfolded ourselves from the Gwa-Gwa, we headed to our home for the next few days – Hotel Alegria to check in. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful as it just poured and poured with rain. We did venture out of our hotel though to head to Pomodoro Pizza for some dinner before calling it a night.

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