Day 181 | Dominican Republic | Cabarete | Kitesurfers Paradise

We always get a little sad when we are staying somewhere and there is no breakfast, it means yet another meal we have to think about! ha ha! Today we ventured up ‘the strip’ (because Cabarete is basically just one street! LOL!) to Friends for breakfast, supposedly a French cafe, though pretty average food and coffee which was disappointing.

Today we decided to have some beach time, and just spent some time walking along the beach from breakfast before heading back to the hotel to get our books and do some reading down on the beach. The beach isn’t the prettiest, but still a lovely atmosphere. Cabarete is a kitesurfing mecca and there are so many kitesurfers in the water it’s incredible to see so many kites in such a small concentrated area!!


Awesome artwork on the road to the beach from the hotel


So many kitesurfers


This is what the Caribbean is all about!

Once we had enough sun we headed back to our room where we did an impromptu backpack audit as we are both carrying around way too many things and some of them just had to go. It is unbelievable to see the massive pile of things we were able to rid ourselves of here.

Once this was done it was down at the beach again to enjoy some of the mojitos that for some reason Cabarete is known for. We of course scoured around to jump onto some of the happy hours that were around. First up we headed to the Lazy Dog Bar & Restaurant for some $3 AUD mojitos and a little snack, while listening to a guy playing some acoustic tunes, before heading onto the Mojito Bar for another mojito. (Mojito Bar mojitos were by far the better of the two in case you were wondering!)


Night time beach views

Happy hours over, we headed on to dinner. Up and down the strip on the beach there are so many different bars and restaurants it was hard to know what to pick. We eventually decided on La Casita de Papi, and I’m so glad we did as we had the most amazing pasta and caprese salad. Plus, once our meal was over they delivered our bill with a shot of Mama Juana which we had wanted to try since we had arrived into the Dominican Republic.

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