Day 182 | Dominican Republic | Cabarete | 27 Waterfalls

We were excited for today, today was 27 Waterfalls day. There is so much talk and hooha about these waterfalls and today we were finally getting to see what it was all about. To get there we had to first catch a Gwa-Gwa into Puerto Plata (where we got ripped off for our fare charge! Grrr…), then had to catch a publico bus out to Damajagua. There are tours that you can go on, however we have discovered that they charge you a fortune and really all they offer in addition, as the waterfall tour is the same, is lunch and transport.

On the Publico bus we met two guys, Simon & Dominic, Simon who we had seen at the Island Life Backpackers in Santo Domingo but not met. So we pretty much buddied up with them for the day.

The 27 waterfalls…how do I describe them….they are basically 27 waterfalls/pools that you either jump of slide down into, the tallest being 8 metres high. It was a little scary for me being the big sook that I am, however I did really enjoy myself. I felt like I was really starting to get the hang of it until the big one!!


Pre-jump happy as Larry


The first jump, relatively straight forward except for the fact that the water looks super shallow


Woot woot, one jump down


Awesome caverns we got to walk through between jumps


Beautiful scenery


Slide slide slide

It took me so long to get the courage to jump off for the big one as they are very specific with where they want you to jump as there is a deep section of the pool, but obviously lots of rocks around the place also. I was just imagining myself jumping off and breaking a leg! LOL! But I did eventually do it and to say it shook me up a little is a bit of an understatement. I was pretty glad that we were at the end then as my nerves were a little frayed, though for Anthony of course it was all a piece of cake! LOL! (I do have a video of my big jump, nerves and all – I can’t upload videos here but if you really want to see me scared out of my brain message me and I will send it through!).


Dominic, Simon, me & Anthony


We all made it!!

So excited that we made it, now where to go to from here! The 4 of us decided to head into Puerto Plata for a little look around before heading back into Cabarete. First things first though was to find some lunch!! It was about 3pm and Anthony and I hadn’t yet eaten anything, so we all found ourselves the local chicken man for some cheapo chicken and rice before heading out to explore.


Cool buildings in Puerto Plata

It was all a little quiet in Puerto Plata being a Saturday so not too much to see and do. We walked out to Fortaleza San Felipe for a look around the outside of this fort and also the park area around it. Then all pretty exhausted from our long day, we all piled into a Gwa-Gwa for our trip back to Cabarete. By piled in, I mean piled in as the 4 of us ended crammed once again into the back of minivan. The weather started to turn and it was raining once again outside which made for a very stuffy and uncomfortable trip.


All crammed in

Back in Cabarete we stopped into the supermarket to pick up a celebratory Presidente for all our efforts of the day. The tiredness and soreness was starting to set in, tomorrow is going to be fun!


Celebratory crazy man drink

We once again headed down to the Mojito Bar to take advantage of a couple of happy hour mojitos before heading to Yalla for a yummy tapas dinner.





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