Day 183 | Dominican Republic | Las Terrenas | Last Minute Whip Around Town

Again, it is time for us to leave! However, before we did we wanted to have a quick wander around the streets and get in our fill of bits and pieces before we had to catch our bus at 1pm.

First things first though, we made sure today we had some breakfast and headed down to the Belgium Bakery. On the way some random dog followed us again. Sometimes I think there is something ‘Pied-Piperish’ about Anthony as there are always dogs or kids or something following us around! LOL!

On the way back we wandered around taking some photos as there were some awesome murals all around the place here.


Cool mural


Close up details


Bad-ass Little Mermaid


These statues were everywhere and I loved them, just haven’t figured out how to fit one into my pack. This one is the Sun Goddess

Enough Cabarete site-seeing, it was time for us to go and wait for our bus. Funny story, as we had done our mass clean out the other day, the guy from the hotel came bolting out to say he thinks we left some of our luggage behind! Ha ha!

More uneventful bus riding down to Las Terrenas. The Danish girls who we had met in Santo Domingo were also waiting at the bus along with another guy Donald who were all going to be staying at the same place as us. It seems that everyone is doing the same loop of the DR.

We arrived into Las Terrenas on Carnivale day, and once more in the rain. It was quite funny us all walking up the street against the grain of the carnivalers with all our packs in the rain.

Once checked in at Dan and Manty’s Guesthouse, we went for a wander up the street to get some items for dinner. Usually Manty does some big feasts for everyone we have read, however, being a Sunday it is her day off.

We decided to make some guacamole and by the time we came back Manty had decided to do a big meal up for everyone so we felt a little bad not partaking, but not to worry, our guac was good so I wasn’t too sad.

At the guesthouse they had an awesome communal area so we had a couple of rums and got talking to all the peeps, many which we had already met at Island Life Backpackers.

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