Day 184 | Dominican Republic | Las Terrenas | Whale Day Take 2

Today was whale day! After seeing the humpbacks in Turks & Caicos, we were pretty keen to see them again and get a different experience this time given, in the DR you are not allowed to jump in the water with them like you can in T&C.

We had to get ourselves across to Samana as this is where the Humpbacks go to, more specifically to breed. Last night we got talking to another guy at the hostel who was also keen to come on the whale tour, so the three of us set out early to get there in time for our boat to leave. It was a pretty easy, hop on a Gwa-Gwa trip.

The tour we went of was Whale Samana which was a bit more of an eco-tour given the staff on board were mostly marine experts of some variety. I really enjoyed learning a little bit more about the whales and their habits, well, as much that they actually know!


Heading out on the boat


A traditional fisherman boat

We didn’t have to go out too far before we started seeing some whales. There was not so much tail breach activity like we saw in T&C, however, there was a lot more activity in general. We initially came across two whales together swimming around, and as they were marine experts they were good at giving us indications on when we should expect them to surface as they were timing each dive down.


The best photo I could get with my iPhone. I actually preferred to just enjoy the view rather than focus on photos

Then our pair just took off in a bit of a flurry of breaching and another loan whale appeared. In a nutshell it sounds like only a small amount of time, however we were out on the water for about half a day just following these guys around. They are pretty incredible creatures, it was pretty sad to have to leave.


The view on the way back to shore

Before heading back to Las Terrenas, we stopped on the side of the road to get some empanadas for lunch. Yum, yum, yum!

Again we jumped into a Gwa-Gwa for the ride home which was simple enough. Tonight at the hostel Manty cooked a massive ‘fish fry’ feast for dinner which was amazing! More chilling out with all the peeps in the hostel tonight, a couple of rums etc etc.

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